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Of The Saints are the trendsetters of unparalleled one-piece yoga apparel. Our collection pays tribute to the past by bringing a modern twist to vintage fashion.  We command athletic comfort and dictate the standard of quality.  Our pursuit is to promote and inspire an active well balanced lifestyle.  We create distinctively unique fashion that ignites strength and beauty within.




"Ilze Liepa, born on 09.09.1983. Riga, Latvia. Starting her first steps in life in a small city next to capital city. My teachers in school found talent in me singing and dancing. I always follow their advice and starting from 3years age I was dancing in Latvian folk dancing group. I had an honor participate in many events including National Song and Dance Festival, and I have been on stage from early childhood until this moment. At the same time I achieved my Bachelor degree in economics, Masters Degree in human resource management, and First level for law. I work in Riga City municipality as my everyday job, and I practice and teach yoga. That's a great journey for me to be a yoga practitioner - it allows me to understand how human interacts with the Earth. Why I'm here, what are my dreams, and what I want to happen around me!"