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Of The Saints are the trendsetters of unparalleled one-piece yoga apparel. Our collection pays tribute to the past by bringing a modern twist to vintage fashion.  We command athletic comfort and dictate the standard of quality.  Our pursuit is to promote and inspire an active well balanced lifestyle.  We create distinctively unique fashion that ignites strength and beauty within.




My name is Emma, and I´m from Spain. 

I´m an actress, dancer, and stunt woman. I studied Drama at "University of Kent at Canterbury" and after I graduated I moved to London and I kept attending  dancing and singing classes. One year later, I came back home for holidays and I was cast as an actress for "Iguana Events", a musical theatre company. I spent almost  2 wonderful years of my life traveling around Spain doing what I liked the most. Meanwhile, I started working as a stunt woman for TV and Movies. After "Iguana Events" other shows came, more dancing, more acting, more fun!!  I started Practicing yoga almost 4 years ago, thanks to my wonderful friend Irene, she is a Bikram Yoga teacher too. She told me: "You gotta try thins, it´s amazing, you are gonna freaking love it!! I Promise it!"

So I did, and here I am, loving and teaching this yoga.